Sewer bursts in Exeter Road, Dawlish

by Martin Wrigley on 19 April, 2016

Is it any surprise that the mains sewers cannot cope with increased pressure?  By pumping from the new housing estates without increasing the size of the pipe, what happens is the pressure rises. Consequently the old sewer pipes break. This is compounded by actions like capping the sewer in Warren road, where it used to […]

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BBC Radio Devon – Coverage of Dawlish issues

by Martin Wrigley on 5 April, 2016

top story at 8am this morning – more pressure on Teignbridge to make the right decisions…

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TDC Planning Committee 5th April

by Martin Wrigley on 2 April, 2016

With over 500 signatures on Cllr Alison Foden’s petition, and complaints being sent in from all quarters I do hope that the TDC councillors on the planning committee will listen to the plight of Dawlish. I fear that we will not see enough of them brave enough to stand up an be counted. I will […]

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This week we have had a report from Devon County Council, it says that even though Elm Grove Road is at capacity, it is only the junction with Exeter road that is an issue, so they make the bright suggestion to put half the costruction traffic down Sandy Lane and Elm Grove Drive. This has […]

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Allotments in Dawlish

by Martin Wrigley on 5 November, 2015

In Dawlish Town Council on November 4th we discussed the Brown Brook allotments. Personally I think we need more allotments in Dawlish, and yes we have some in the planned development area, but we need more. The waiting list shows there is a demand. But the more we have the more work it can be […]

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Dawlish – Secmaton Lane

by Martin Wrigley on 5 November, 2015

Development Framework   In Dawlish Town Council on October 7th we debated the latest alterations to the Teignbridge Local Plan.   We concluded that Dawlish deserves better.   This new framework is once again driven by the needs of the developers and ignores the needs of the residents. We have to get a better balance between […]

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Warren farm at Dawlish Town Council – 1st July

by Martin Wrigley on 28 June, 2015

I have at last managed to get the issues surrounding Warren Farm onto the agenda for Dawlish Town Council! The motion I have put forward says that Dawlish Town Council has no confidence in the timely delivery of the required SANGS by the pursuit of Compulsory Purchase of Warren farm, and that Teignbridge should look […]

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Save Warren Farm – part two

by Martin Wrigley on 19 January, 2015

Today we handed a petition with over four thousand signature on it to Stephen Williams. Stephen is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The battle to save Richard Weeks’ farm and business continues… Pictured: Richard Younger-Ross, Tania Weeks, Stephen Williams, Richard Weeks, Martin Wrigley, Alison Foden.

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Save Warren farm

by Martin Wrigley on 12 January, 2015

You may have heard about Richard Weeks and Warren farm.  Teignbridge District Council think that it is the ideal place to have extra dog walking space for the residenst of the new houses to be built on the North East of Dawlish.  Not everyone agrees, and Richard Weeks certainly doesnt.  He wants to keep on […]

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