Martin Wrigley – Next LibDem MP for Newton Abbot

by Martin Wrigley on 9 September, 2019

National politics are in meltdown – the new government has no majority, and is losing MPs at an embarrassing rate. Even the Prime Minister’s brother has had enough and quit. An early election is in the wind.

The Labour party is split and increasingly hard left, and the Tories are driving further hard right and it is all heading for a chaotic mess.
Last summer local Lib Dems selected Martin Wrigley to be the candidate to be our next MP, ready for the forthcoming General Election.

Martin has worked in the hi-tech industry for over 30 years, with a background in engineering and senior management. Growing up in a Navy family, Martin lived all over the world. Twenty years ago, he and his young family chose to settle in Teignbridge. A former Mayor of Dawlish, Martin is currently a Town and District Councillor.

Martin says “I want future generations to have every opportunity we have now – and more. We have the technology and the desire to put our environment first and to support our community, our schools and our NHS. With the public’s backing, we can build a flourishing economy and a caring society while maintaining the ecology and beauty of our local area.”