Dawlish to Teignmouth Cycle path – another fine mess…

by Martin Wrigley on 30 April, 2017

The failure of the funding bid for this section of the cycle path highlights the ongoing poor decisions from Devon County Council.  Why was it so important to put Traffic lights at Holcombe dip over Easter – at the same time as closing off the back road?

DCC continues to look piecemeal at the cycle path planning  confusing the public along the way.
(see this week’s Dawlish Gazette http://www.dawlishnewspapers.co.uk/article.cfm?id=104348&headline=No%20to%20funding%20puts%20brakes%20on%20cycle%20trail&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 ).

We really need some thoughtful planning to get useable and safe cycle paths in place.

The options for the cycle path route through the middle of Dawlish has had some public exposure, but after leaving the town up Oak Hill, there was apparently no option considered other than bringing it back to the fast and dangerous A379.

There needs to be more public consultation for the best route for the cycle path.  Motorists and cyclists agree that cycle routes are best well away from heavy traffic. Given the dangers of that part of the A379, I will push to fully examine other options for the cycle route.

Finally all of this highlights that there isn’t a single safe place to cross the road anywhere between Dawlish and Teignmouth and sadly the section of road has a history of speeding and road accidents.  This has to be addressed, especially around Holcombe Dip…