Relief for Dawlish sewage sufferers! but still no long term plan

by Martin Wrigley on 28 March, 2017

South West Water has been making progress in fixing the sewage flooding issues in Secmaton Lane after successful campaigning by Councillor Martin Wrigley and local residents.

SWW has reduced the flooding by frequently clearing the pipes, and using tankers at the pumping stations. Better news is that they have budgeted £1.2 Million to spend on upgrading the pipes, storage tanks and the pumping station. Local residents welcomed this, but are concerned that it is simply fixing issues caused by 6 years of building 400 new homes since SWW said the system needed upgrading.

Martin Wrigley said “SWW knew the issues, and it has taken years of problems to get this upgrade to cope with 400 new homes. I’m joining the residents in demanding SWW develop a plan to cope with the next 1200 homes before the sewage system starts to overflow again!”