Cycle lanes nightmare in Dawlish Warren

by Martin Wrigley on 28 March, 2017

Devon County Council have put in a new set of cycle lanes on Dawlish Warren Road.  Normally cycle lanes let cars and bicycles co-exist safely, but local residents are furious over the crazy way it has been done, and feel let down by our county councillor.

There is a wide cycle lane on each side of the road, but this means that there is no longer enough space for two cars to pass each other – and the central white line has been removed, along with all of the pedestrian refuges.  The area gets very busy in the summer with holiday makers walking along to and from the beach, and local residents are worried that caravans or delivery vehicles just don’t have space anymore without driving in the cycle lane.

Martin Wrigley said “This is another example of Devon County Council picking out the worst possible option. This would not have happened if we had an active County Councillor involved and being a strong voice for Dawlish.  I will work to get Warren Road changed to a safer layout!”