Five Year Flood Finally Fixed

by Martin Wrigley on 16 August, 2016

Local residents were delighted that the persistent flooding on the Dawlish Warren Road at Eastdon has been finally fixed.  On August 4th a Network Rail crew floodreplaced a tidal flap valve that prevents the high tide flooding the road.

Local residents have been trying to get this fixed for at least five years, writing to Devon Highways, network rail and even the MP, all to no avail.

Now Network rail have taken responsibility and fixed the valve, after much lobbying from local councillors.  Martin Wrigley  said “I am delighted that we finally have a solution to the long-running tidal flood on Dawlish Warren Road at Eastdon.  With everyone working together like this, we can get so much more done, and  I’d like to thank Network Rail for pulling this together at this time.”

The flooding had blocked the road every high tide, with sea water from 1 inch to 9inches deep, depending on the height of the tide.   The road and cycle path were both impassable.  Many locals have been complaining of corroded brakes due to the constant drenching in salt water.

Network Rail now have the new valve on their regular maintenance cycle, so the problem should not re-occur.