Is this why the sewers in Secmaton Lane haven’t been fixed yet?

by Martin Wrigley on 5 June, 2016

IMG_4064In Dawlish Town Council last week, we had a revelation.  Teignbridge District Council (TDC) has been collecting cash from the housing developers since March 2014 to upgrade the sewers, and haven’t passed it on to South West Water (SWW).

£150,000 to be precise, that had been collected to upgrade the sewers but has never been passed over to do the work!

This came to light when I asked the SWW representative who had come at the Town Council’s request, where this money had been spent.

His response was- SWW had never seen the money.

No wonder the drains hadn’t been upgraded!

TDC has had part of this cash for over two years, and didn’t question why SWW hadn’t called on it!

I am so glad that I asked the question and had the letter from TDC to prove it!





If money from Section 106, paid by the developers is not spent within a 5 year timeframe, it is returned to the developers.

I wonder if this garden would have been flooded by sewage if TDC and SWW had been talking…

Now Dawlish Town Council will keep a careful eye on the spending of this money and make sure something happens to improve the drains!





Letter from TDC to Dawlish Town Council Planning (copied from the minutes of the DTC Planning committee 24th March 2016):

Received 22 March 2016:


Dear All

We’ve had the last of the S106 money from Secmaton Lane Dawlish, 09/03794, …

£150,000.00 towards improvement to the foul sewer network sufficient to accommodate the development. 25% due to TDC prior to occupation of 20% of open market dwellings, 25% due prior to occupation of 40% of same, 25% due prior to occupation of 60% of same, 25% due prior to occupation of 80% of same. Indexed by BCIS from 29 March 2010. 5 years from receipt to spend.

This has to go to SWW as they look after the foul sewer network. We need to tell SWW when the money comes in how much they have and how long they have to spend it. Note from Legal – We can pay the money to SWW when it undertakes to us that it has/is carrying out the works. Otherwise we can pay it over now but only if SWW enter into an agreement with us to repay the money if they don’t spend within five years. Have asked drainage for a contact to arrange this.

25% = £37,500/209 x 274 = £49,162.68 Cavanna £22,516.51; Bovis £26,646.17 XW6 999 0043. Spend by date is 14 March 2019.

Kind regards

Teignbridge District Council